Project Nancarrow: Introducing Our New Workspaces

March 4, 2020

There is no doubt in our minds that rearing native breeds, organically, slowly, using traditional methods, working with (not against) nature, produces a far superior end product. Maintaining the same level of care at every stage of the process led us to Grandpa’s old garage and our old cart-house, and the plan to transform them into a brand-new butchery, larder, workshop and workspace for the team.

Jack project managed the development of the butchery – which we use every day to prepare our farm produce for events. Our dry-aging chiller is powered by solar panels generated on-site.

Building on our zero waste, nose-to-tail philosophy, these new spaces will help us put every part of our farm produce to use. From pickling and preserving kitchen garden produce, to making soap and candles (using the fat from our beef and mutton) and biochar (using the bones), to wool and leather, our new workspaces will enable us to significantly broaden the range of products from the farm. Importantly, it’s also an opportunity to demonstrate that when measuring a farm’s environmental footprint, the weight of protein produced from an animal is just a tiny part of the equation.

Whilst the larder shelves are already brimming with jars and bottles of produce, this year we’ll be loading them up further as we work to develop our new range of homemade drinks.

We’re putting the finishing touches to our workshop, which will double up as a meeting space, pop-up café and workshop space (naturally). As of April, it’ll also be the new home of the Wild Wine School, run by our friend Debbie, which offers wine qualifications with a difference! Our on-site solar panels, which we installed last March, will power the chillers for the school.

Ultimately, we hope to showcase the breadth of products that grow here at Nancarrow. It’s an opportunity to show that a small farm can be both productive, as well as sustainable, and create a space which would bring the whole team together to work and learn. Our new workspaces can function as a café and farm shop during our Open Farm days throughout the year – something we hope to do more of this year. And as the space continues to evolve, we’ll be looking to run a diverse range of workshops – so you can join us and get hands on, too.

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