Get the lowdown on our new Farm Workshops

November 20, 2018

Over the past few weeks we’ve been busy putting together a series of 2019 Farm Workshops and it won’t be long now until we launch them on our website.

The workshops are going to be a great way to get the full Nancarrow experience. A typical workshop might include a nose-to-tail butchery class or a larder lesson where you learn to perfect the art of pickling and preserving. Or you could find yourself out in the fields with the animals or foraging wild mushrooms. There are going to be all sorts of different things to get involved with and, of course, good food will feature heavily on the menu!

Over the next couple of months the old garages next to the lambing shed will be transformed into a space for many of the workshops to take place. We’ve already made a start and it’s all going well so far. Meanwhile, we’ve got some brilliant people lined up to come and help host the workshops with the Nancarrow Herd. All in all they should be brilliant events and we know that they’ll be hugely popular!

You’ll be able to see upcoming workshops on the website over the next few weeks, and Farm Workshop Gift Vouchers will be available to buy in December too. Keep an eye out as we think these events are going to sell like hot cakes!

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