Jack’s Cuts – 3 Steaks to try

February 15, 2019

Our chef, Jack, is an endless bank of knowledge when it comes to the different cuts of meat. Here he shares 3 of his favourite steaks… 

Denver Steak
The Denver Steak is taken from the chuck (shoulder of the animal) behind the shoulder blade. It’s a relatively underused, little known cut that is usually put into mince. However, it has more flavour than fillet or sirloin and when cooked and carved properly can be just as tender. Cook it hot and fast, and try to create a good char on the outside, ideally grilling it over charcoal with plenty of salt. Allow it to rest for 10 minutes, this will allow the beef to relax and become more tender. It should always be cut against the grain!

Flat Iron
Better known that Denver Steak, Flat Iron, is a cut from the shoulder blade bone. It’s the feather blade muscle that’s seemed out of any sinew. Again, it is an underused cut, but it’s very affordable and a quick cut to cook. Simply sear it on both sides and slice it nice and thinly.

Spider Steak
There are only 2 Spider Steaks on the animal, to be found sitting in the aitch bone making up the pelvis. It’s nicknamed the butcher’s cut as its usually those who take it home, and is sometimes referred to as the Oyster Steak. Cook it over a high heat, and try to resist turning it more than once (3 minutes each side is a good rule of thumb for medium rare.) Let it rest for 5 minutes before tucking in. 

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