Join us on the road as we bring a taste of Nancarrow to all corners of Cornwall and beyond…

Although we’ve only been open to the public for a few years, selling our produce direct to the consumer is in our blood. In the 1920’s Philippa Carveth could be found selling Nancarrow butter at the market in Truro and, more recently, Pete has spent the last 16 years at local farmers markets selling our meat to a loyal band of customers.

To us selling direct to the public is important. The benefits of cutting out the middle man are obvious, but even more so is the boost to morale an appreciative customer can provide.

Some of the finest local food is produced in spectacular surroundings, rarely visited by the public. Our ‘Farm Gate Feasts’ are aimed at introducing you to these beautiful corners of Cornwall where some of our favourite ingredients are produced. They are also aimed at introducing new customers to these farms in the hope that you might be inclined to return, increasing ‘farm gate’ sales, not to mention some morale-boosting feedback for the farmer.

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