Elderflower Liqueur

June 7, 2019

Right now Elderflower is in full bloom in the hedgerows all over the farm. Yesterday morning the team were out picking and we’ll soon have homemade Cordial, Fizz and Liquer to serve at the bar.

Our queen of the tipples Eavan has put together a recipe for Elderflower Liqueur & our much loved Elderflower Spritz for you to try at home.


20 x heads of Elderflower (top tip: pick the heads before noon as the aroma fades once the afternoon sun hits the flowers and you lose some of the flavouring)

750ml of vodka

Zest of One Large Lemon

Squeeze of honey for sweetness (hopefully we will have our very own honey from our bees to add to this for extra special sweetness!)


  1. Wash the elderflower heads
  2. Add the elderflower heads and vodka to a vessel, along with a squeeze of honey
  3. Place lengths of lemon zest on top to keep the elderflower submerged
  4. Store in a cool dark place for around a month stirring weekly
  5. Strain the elderflower liqueur through a muslin lined sieve
  6. Serve a 35ml shot of elderflower liqueur over ice with equal amounts of Prosecco and Soda to make a refreshingly delicious Elderflower Spritz
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