About Nancarrow

Nancarrow is a 100-acre Soil Association-certified organic farm, occupying a tranquil, south-facing valley in Cornwall. ‘Nans’ means ‘valley’ in Cornish and ‘carow’ is ‘stag’ – these inspiring creatures are still seen regularly, roaming our peaceful fields.

Our family has farmed at Nancarrow for nine generations – four of which currently call the farm home.

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Our Produce

We produce award-winning organic beef and lamb, reared non-intensively using traditional farming methods. Our native breed livestock live happily outdoors in sheltered, organic meadows, maturing slowly on clover rich pasture and a small quantity of home grown ‘whole crop’ silage.

Our pigs are also reared outside and are allowed to grow slowly, developing the perfect balance of meat to fat – with the help of windfall apples and scraps from the kitchen garden!

Farming organically means maintaining the highest levels of animal welfare and minimising the impact on our environment. It also means no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used; this approach ensures wildlife at Nancarrow thrives too, which is evident during any visit to the farm.

Farmers Markets

As a result of the dominance of the supermarkets in the 90’s, and their inferior, commercially produced meat products, we needed to find new ways of connecting with our community; reaching out to people who cared about good food and rural sustainability whilst staying true to our values.

In 1999, Pete helped to establish one of the UK’s first farmers’ markets and although we no longer have a stall, frankly we wouldn’t be here without the loyal customers who bought our meat during the 16 years of trading in Truro and Falmouth.

Project Nancarrow

There is no doubt in our minds that rearing native breeds, organically, slowly, and using traditional methods produces a far superior end product. Maintaining these principles within an increasingly challenging environment for farmers hasn’t been easy and, like many others, we reached the point where diversifying became essential to secure the future of the farm.

In 2011, with Lucy and Steve joining the business, we embarked on a project to ensure a future for the farm. The plan: to create a rural events venue, a destination for experiences – at the heart of which was the farm and its produce. With beautiful accommodation and a relaxed atmosphere, this would become a place for people to gather, to feast, to stay and to enjoy our Cornish farm.

The renovation work on our barns transformed our old farmyard, and with it the prospects of our farm. Most of what we produce is now used right here and enjoyed by our guests – reinventing the farmhouse kitchen and table for the next generation…


You are invited to experience the hospitality of a working family farm, feast on our seasonal harvest, and share memorable experiences with family, friends and colleagues.

As well as weddings, corporate events and private dining, we run a number of ticketed events which are open to the public throughout the year.

These include our ever-popular Feast nights, where our chefs showcase the seasonal bounty of our meadows, gardens and hedgerows.





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